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Re-arrest of éirígí member condemned


Free Stephen MurneyThe socialist republican party, éirígí, has condemned the re-arrest of one of its members, Newry man Stephen Murney, from Maghaberry prison this morning.

In a statement, the party’s general secretary Breandán Mac Cionnaith said, “The arrest last year and the continued detention of one of our party members, Stephen Murney, has already attracted a lot of concern, including international interest, regarding the whole questionable nature of the case presented against him by the PSNI.

“That concern has already resulted in Stephen’s case having been raised directly with both Barra McGrory as Director of Public Prosecutions and with John Larkin as Attorney General in the Six Counties.

“The fact that the PSNI this morning applied to a court and were granted the power to re-arrest Stephen, take him from Maghaberry to Antrim interrogation centre, and question him for a period of up to 48 hours will further add to that concern.”

Mac Cionnaith continued, “It is patently obvious to all those who have fully studied this case against Stephen to date that the original charges pressed against him would not be capable of standing up to scrutiny and examination in any proper or impartial judicial setting.

“It is increasingly clear that the PSNI are also aware of that fact.

“This morning’s re-arrest of Stephen is nothing more than a trawling exercise by the PSNI. It is clearly a blatant and face-saving attempt to retrospectively bolster an already weak and tenuous case initiated as a result of political bias on the part of the PSNI.”

Mac Cionnaith concluded by saying, “Stephen Murney should be unconditionally released immediately and all charges against him should be dropped. That the so-called justice system in the Six Counties is complicit in perpetuating such injustice is, in itself, a damning indictment of that system.”


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