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Socialist Republican Day of Action in Wicklow


Saturday December 1st witnessed a full day of activism by socialist republicans in County Wicklow. From early morning éirígí activists joined with trade union activists from the Independent Workers Union (IWU) and local fishermen in an audacious plan to once again stage a fish-in on Mizen Head.

Access to the Mizen Head site is restricted by a barrier which has been erected by a greedy land grabber who owns the European Golf Club. The club is situated beside Brittas Bay, occupying some of the most picturesque of County Wicklow’s coast-line.

Mizen Head Fish-in

Speaking from the protest, éirígí activist Adrian O’Raghallaigh said, “This morning, anti-land grabbing protestors once again put together a successful plan of action to gain access to Mizen Head. Not to be outdone by the spiked metal fence, the activists erected an anti-barricade ladder which allowed them to access the disputed side of Mizen Head and to exit again when the protest concluded.

“The view from the Mizen Head this morning was stunning. Those taking part in the fish-in witnessed both seals and dolphins playing off the coast. It was an amazing morning’s activism and for the first time, no golf club owner or Gardaí appeared to demand our removal from a piece of land which is not the property of any one individual but is owned by the entire Irish nation.”

Mizen Head Fish-in

Adrian concluded, “I call on Wicklow County Council to honour their commitments to force the European golf club to remove the illegal barricade and open this stretch of the Irish coastline. The land of Ireland belongs to the people of Ireland and Mizen Head should be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.”

Following the fish-in, éirígí and IWU activists joined local Free Palestine activists to hold a Boycott Israeli Goods Picket at the Bridgewater Shopping Centre Roundabout in Arklow, County Wicklow.

Palestine solidarity

The Palestinian solidarity protest received great support from pedestrians and motorists alike. Many passing drivers sounded their horns and cheered on the activists as they drove past. Shortly after the commencement of the protest, in a blatant attempt at intimidation, the Gardaí arrived and took the names and details of all present. This harassment did little to faze the activists as all involved were determined to not only highlight the unjust occupation of Palestine but also to call on shoppers to boycott Israeli goods.

Speaking about the protest Adrian O’Raghallaigh said, “It was fantastic to receive such a great reception from the people of Arklow. It was clear that many people support the messages on the banner and placards, which read ‘Statehood for Palestine’, ‘Boycott Israeli Goods’ and ‘End the Occupation of Palestine’.

Palestine solidarity

“The protestors engaged with local shoppers and explained how to identify Israeli goods by using barcodes and checking for the prefix 729. Today we also raised awareness of the bloody onslaught which took place recently, which saw Israel launch rocket after rocket on the Gaza Strip. People were shocked to learn that Israel’s latest attack left over 150 Palestinian men, women and children dead and countless Palestinians injured.”

Adrian concluded, “Israel has announced that it intends to build over three thousand houses in the West bank, which is officially Palestinian territory. I call on the Irish people to highlight the plight of the people in Gaza and the West Bank. The first step in supporting the plight of the Palestinian people is to join the campaign of Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. It is also important for more people to get involved with and support the great work of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC).”


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