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Anti-Austerity Protest for Inchicore


Damien Farrelléirígí in Dublin South Central have announced the details of an anti-austerity protest which will take place in Inchicore Village on Monday February 18th. The protest will take place outside Catherine Byrne’s constituency office on Tyrconnell Road at 6.30pm.

The protest, which comes on the back of successful anti-austerity protests in Inchicore before Christmas, gives people from Inchicore, the South Inner City, Bluebell, Drimnagh and Ballyfermot the opportunity to show their anger at the austerity budget, the on-going cutbacks to community services and the unjust home and water taxes.

Speaking from Ballyfermot, éirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan said, “Catherine Byrne claims to represent the people of Dublin South Central, yet since being elected to Leinster House has consistently abused her position to vote against the interests of local communities.

“Despite areas in Dublin South Central returning a 90 percent vote against austerity in May 2012, Byrne has continued to support cuts to local services, home and water taxes and the cutting of Child Benefit.

“This protest will give the people of Dublin South Central the opportunity to come onto the streets and show Fine Gael just how angry they are at the coalition government. Resistance to austerity must be built on our streets and in our communities and local protests are an ideal way of mobilising local communities to get involved in the fightback.”

éirígí spokesperson for Dublin’s South Inner City, Damien Farrell, added, “In the run up to Budget 2012 éirígí organised a number of successful protests outside Catherine Byrne’s clinic in Inchicore. It was clear that these anti-austerity protests had Fine Gael worried. The anger at austerity in communities across Dublin South Central is palpable.

“Now that the Fine Gael/ Labour coalition are intent to continue their savage assault on working class communities it is more important than ever for families and neighbours to get organised and come out onto the streets and fight back.

“éirígí is encouraging people from Ballyfermot, Bluebell, Drimnagh, Inchicore the South Inner City and from further afield to join our protest on Monday, February 18th at 6.30pm in Inchicore. Together we can send Fine Gael the message that we won’t take austerity lying down.”


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