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éirígí support Finucane family calls for full independent inquiry


Pat FinucaneThe socialist republican party, éirígí, is supporting calls by the family of the late Pat Finucane for a full, independent and international inquiry into all the circumstances surrounding the solicitor’s murder.

In a statement, the party’s general secretary Breandán Mac Cionnaith said, “The De Silva report, while it is a damning indictment of British state collusion in the murder of Irish citizens, completely refuses to admit or acknowledge the organised, structured and systemic nature of collusion.

“By doing so, it tries unsuccessfully to exculpate those in the highest echelons of the British government and its agencies who sanctioned the use of state-controlled death squads.

“We in éirígí fully support the Finucane family’s consistent demand for a full, independent and international inquiry into Pat Finucane’s murder.

“Contrary to De Silva’s conclusions, there has been much evidence uncovered over the years which demonstrates that collusion was, indeed, part of a wider, over-arching official strategy that was totally sanctioned, funded and resourced by the British state.

“Geraldine Finucane and her family are quite right to assert that this report is a sham and a whitewash.

“The De Silva report was not designed to expose the guilty; it was not designed to acknowledge that collusion and the murder of civilians by state-organised and state-sponsored death squads was part and parcel of official state policy. Instead, it was designed to perpetuate a British government policy of deniability and cover-up.

“The involvement of MI5 in this and other murders is well-known. However, deliberately hidden from the public eye is the fact that, today, MI5 continues to extend a malign influence in the Six Counties with up to one third of PSNI personnel under its direct control.

“That fact, like the failure to allow the full truth to be told about Pat Finucane's murder, should be a major cause of concern to everyone concerned with justice and the protection of human rights.”

The De Silva report can be read at


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