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Maghaberry – this opportunity should not be squandered


Pádraic Mac CoitirAfter an initial move made a fortnight ago, during the past week two further announcements were made by republican prisoners stating that they had halted their protests in Maghaberry gaol.

éirígí spokesperson Pádraic Mac Coitir said, “As with éirígí’s position regarding the announcement the previous week, the prisoners’ decisions made public this week on Sunday 25th and Thursday 29th November are equally to be welcomed and supported.

“Through their own decision-making processes and initiatives, republican prisoners within Maghaberry gaol have now firmly placed the onus of responsibility for further movement upon the Six County administration and the prison authorities.

“It must be finally recognised that modern technology can provide acceptable measures that would permanently end the degrading and barbaric practice of strip-searching.

“It has been a long established and recognised fact that the practice of strip-searching has very little impact upon ‘prison security’ but has more to do with providing opportunities for sadistic prison staff to satisfy their own warped needs through their ability to physically abuse, humiliate, demean and assault prisoners.”

Mac Coitir continued, “A window of opportunity now exists which should be used fully to resolve this long-running and totally unacceptable situation within Maghaberry.

“It would be foolish for David Ford or the prison authorities not too take immediate action in order to introduce those technology-based measures which the prisoners have indicated would be acceptable and which Ford himself, as a self-styled liberal, has shown belated interest in.

“If this current opportunity is squandered, then the blame will lie directly with Ford, the Six County administration and the prison regime.”


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