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Dublin Government Preparing for Water Privatisation


John Dwyeréirígí Councillor John Dwyer has warned that householders in County Wexford are to be targeted as part of a state-wide roll out of a water metering system. Twenty-Six County Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan announced that he has selected Wexford, Kerry and Fingal as pilot areas for the advance survey work required for the installation of water meters.

Speaking earlier this week, Councillor Dwyer pledged total opposition to this preparatory work. He said, “We are totally and absolutely opposed to the entire agenda of metering domestic water on the basis that it is nothing more than the start of the works required to sell off the water delivery/treatment network throughout the state.

“For a number of years County Councils have been under instruction to invest taxpayers’ monies into new or updated delivery systems, leading to extensive contact with a number of the privatised water companies operating in England.

“The logical conclusion to all of the steps taken so far, and the announcement of the government’s intention to charge for domestic water, is that they will be privatising public water systems. This will mean ordinary households having to pay yet another utility bill just as if it were electricity, gas or oil.

“The privatisation agenda is about handing control of essential services over to private, for-profit companies and this, if it is allowed to happen, will inevitably mean that householders who cannot pay will be cut off.”

Pledging to stand side by side with householders who are opposed to the commercialisation and privatisation of water services, Councillor Dwyer went on to say, “The only people to benefit from this move will be the shareholders in the privatised water companies and those who lose out yet again will be the same people who have been required to shoulder the burden of this government’s punishing austerity programme.

“éirígí will oppose this move wherever they attempt to install water meters and we call on the trade union movement to refuse to assist in this agenda of privatisation.”


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