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Minihan Slams Hogan’s Cynical Use of Water Meter Jobs


Louise Minihanéirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has slammed Phil Hogan’s ‘deeply cynical’ announcement that the installation of water meters will provide 400 jobs for the long-term unemployed. And she has called on workers to stand in solidarity with their communities by refusing to participate in all works relating to the installation of water meters.

Minihan was speaking in response to Monday’s announcement by Hogan that up to a quarter of the 1,600 jobs to be created by the domestic water metering programme will be allocated to the long-term unemployed.

Speaking from Ballyfermot Cllr Louise Minihan said, “Domestic water taxes are just another front in the austerity war that is being waged by the Fine Gael/ Labour government against workers, their families and their communities. The allocation of these 400 jobs is a deeply cynical publicity stunt designed to generate some much-needed positive media coverage for Hogan and his colleagues in government.

“Forcing people to choose between unemployment and collusion in the introduction of a water tax that will crucify hard-pressed families is nothing short of disgusting. Phil Hogan should do his own dirty work instead of targeting those who are financially vulnerable as a result of unemployment.”

Minihan continued by encouraging workers to withdraw their labour from all water tax related work, “The water tax will force already struggling families into further hardship, a fact that cannot be lost on those who are tasked with installing the water meters and related infrastructure.

“I hope that those who are considering taking up this type of employment will choose solidarity with their communities over self-interest. In this, the anniversary year of the 1913 lockout, they would do well to remember the watchwords of Connolly and Larkin – “An injury to one is the concern of all”.

“éirígí is appealing to workers to refuse to work for Irish Water, or carry out work on its behalf. The water tax can only be introduced if the IMF and their stooges in Leinster House can find enough people who are willing to do their bidding. Instead we are urging those workers to stand with their communities and join the fightback against austerity. Together we can defeat austerity and replace the current failed system with one that will protect the long-term interests of workers and their communities.”


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